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    This Plan has changed my life. I’m 39, mom of 2. I’ve always worked out at some level since college. Never a slacker in the gym either. Yet, I could never achieve the ripped physique I longed for. After just 6 weeks on the Venice Nutrition Plan I have lost 5 lbs (I’m currently 134, 5′ 4″) of fat which has made an amazing impact on my body. I’m wearing safety pins to hold up on all my pants as I’m not sure how much slimmer I’ll get :). The plan basically explains when to eat, what to eat , how often to each and how much to each to eat to maintain stable blood sugar and hence keep your energy stead ALL day. I knew this plan was working after just a week, as my morning coffee craving just went away(and I LOVED coffee…now I just don’t need it). If you’re serious about health and fitness, give this plan a try. Even if you think you can’t follow it strictly, the book includes many helpful tips on nutrition and exercise which will benefit everyone. Good luck.

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