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    Busy Working Mum

    I used Tesco Diets to get back to healthy eating after getting into bad habits and some extra pounds creeping on. I lost over a stone whilst still indulging my love of cooking on a recipe plan diet and got back to eating healthily again. A year later I have not put the weight back on, which I think is the sign of a sensible diet.

    I think it requires a lot of self discipline because there isn’t a weekly weigh in with other people (you enter it on-line), and the support system isn’t particularly personal but if you are determined to make a change to your eating habits, it can be very useful to follow a regimented plan such as Tesco diets and the daily tracking of what you’ve eaten keeps you focused.

    Having said that it is regimented, you can tailor your meal plans by choosing from a huge range of meals so you don’t have to stick to those they give you (although they allocate your recipes for the week based on the ingredients you need to buy to avoid waste). You can also save recipes and meal plans you have liked into your favourites and allocated them to future meal plans.

    I think that it is also a very useful plan for busy working mums like myself who haven’t time to attend a weekly meeting and the ability to allocate certain meals and snacks to your meal plan each week helps when you know you haven’t a free choice of what or when you eat due to work commitments.

    Altogether, I was very pleased with the method and results of this diet and would recommend it to focused, disciplined people with busy lives and who are happy using an internet based system.

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    I wanted to lose weight, so I tried Tesco diets and I don’t regret it!

    I wanted a diet that was easy to follow, with the right sizes and ingredients catered to my every need, you might think that you need a professional dietician for that but with Tesco diets you do get this very same service delivered to your PC.

    Although I have read a lot of negative reviews about the price, I don’t see the issue. The Tesco diets plan gives you something that works with all the advice you need for a reasonable price, you would no doubt spend a lot more on a professional dietician.

    After 2 months of following the diet I have lost 1 stone,I will certainly continue my dieting plan and would strongly recommend to anyone!

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