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    I’ve used tesco diets before, and wanted some new recipe ideas. This is definitely NOT for people who actually cook from scratch. Dinner options use ready-made ingredients (like cooking sauces, which i HATE because they are full of salt and artificial flavours!). If you want to swap your meal option, there isn’t a fantastic choice, and you can’t search for a certain ingredient. Another thing I dislike with this plan is that you cannot delete a certain thing from your meal, for example, in one day, the diet wanted me to eat 4 yoghurts(breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)!

    However, Sainsburys does have a really neat Food Diary Section, which means you just record every thing you eat instead of it being prescribed. Another good thing is that you get access to the recipe club and fitness club with no added cost. Fitness club does have some great aspects, like target exercises for problem areas. Also it includes a lot of exercise DVDs and Wii fit, which i thought was excellent! The recipes are ok, but you can’t use them if you are following the plan, which i thought was a bit pointless.

    I’ve been using this for a week, and I have to say that the Sainsburys diet, when compared to Tesco, is too restrictive. You can’t take out certain items and the recipes in the plans use too many ready-made ingredients. Postives are that the exercise plans are good, and include lots of home workouts. I don’t think I would use it again once I’m finished, and probably wouldn’t recommend it due to it being too restricted.

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